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Pier Luigi Candoli Cesena, Italy
My name is Pier Luigi Candoli and I live in Cesena, Italy. My father always told me that he had two relatives playing in America; sometimes he vainly tried to contact them, Does anybody know if Pete and Conte's father was named Giovanni and lived in a small town named Macerone, between Cesena and Cesenatico, before he leaved Italy to America? Thank you.
Doug Bowers Tucson, AZ
A Mishawaka transplant, I heard of 'the brothers' many times from my dad, Walter Bowers, the Mishawaka HS Band director from the late 40s until the 1970s. Tho he never had them in his band, he spoke of following their careers and their roots in Mishawaka. With Marv Wood, the real=life coach of the "Hoosiers" movie, the Condolis carried their roots in Mishawaka to the heights. I'm proud to have known about them and found this website, not to mention all the YOUTUBE samples of their work! Thanks
RiccardoFrulli Rome
Just curiosity...In 2000 at the Mosciano Jazz Festival, Conte told me about his italian native family from Emilia Romagna. He asked me to search how many Candoli are living in Italy. Well today in Italy we have 136 Candoli, most of them (104) are living on the italian East Coast - Region Emila Romagna. The main point is Forli city,with 104 Candoli.
Riccardo Frulli Rome (Italy)
Hi Sheryl,Just to inform you that I have 2 videos of two performances recorded here in Italy. The first one is showing Conte playing in Rome at Villa Celimantana Jazz festival 1999. The other one is with his quintet at Mosciano Jazz 2000. In the second video there is also a short friendly conversation after the concert. I can remember that I sended this videos to Conte's address in 2001, but probably was too late.... If you think I can send you again the videos - of course on my expenses- in this case please let me know an address. Ciao, best hello from Rome Riccardo
David Olivier Syosset, NY
Never heard of the brothers till I saw Bell Book and Candle.
That's all it took! Love these guys. Who played bongos for
Mark Henly Chico, Cal
Going to a gig in Hollywood Petes VW bus almost back into me my wife cries out we almost hit but I yell out but look who he is damm it it was pete
The photo of Count looking into the bell of the horn, the bros were on Merv show and it got Merv to stop the show as the bros pass the photo around to the other members of the band.

Eric Williams Torrance, CA
The Candoli brothers were the best of the best. The Peter Gunn sessions with Pete are as good as it gets. Conte with Supersax, and The Tonight Show Band, these guys were some of the greatest players of the 20th century. My late father, Murray Williams played Alto sax in the Big Band Era with Pete and Conte.
Ivan L Shapiro, M Maine
Dear Sheryl.
The new pics look great. Thanks for letting me know about the DVD. Be well, my dear.
David Craigmile Aptos, California
They totally ROCK!
Can You Dig It?
Sheryl Studio City
I have put up a new video on the music page of Pete and Conte performing "Echo" in a jazz series that was broadcasted in 1981. Please download it and enjoy. Pete loved the site, and this is in honor of both of them. There is very little out there on film of them performing together. This just came out and I have edited just one tune from the video. Pete wrote the tune....
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