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Lino P. Varano Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Hey, Sheryl...GREAT site! The Candolis were among my inspirational role models as I considered becoming a Pro. trumpeter. They were truly gifted, versatile and very generous spirits. God bless them both.
Lino P. Varano (trumpeter/conductor/recording artist/educator).
Sheryl California
For those of you that are spaming the guest book they will never be published. Get a life...
Sheryl California
To comment on the post by Angelo. Yes, Pete and Conte spoke Romagnolo all the time. A quick story: when my 1/2 sister visited from Rome Pete and I took Marisa, and my Aunt to dinner one night. Marisa spoke almost no English, and I spoke almost no Italian. We went to Dan Tana's a great Italian Resturant in Hollywood. I was very pleased as Pete was his usual charming self and engaged Marisa, and my Aunt in a conversation in Italian. Everyone was happy and chatted away. I was so glad and relieved Pete was conversing in Italian to them. However Marisa and my Aunt were acting a little strange. When we arrived home and they had left, I said to Pete "Honey, I am so happy you were able to converse with Marisa and Aunt Edith." He smiled and said how charming they were. My Aunt called later to thank us and said to me "Pete speaks a dialect we don't understand, but we didn't want to say anything....we didn't understand a word he said." I laughed, but Marisa loved Pete. Regardless we had a great time that night, the language was there anyway....I never told Pete...that was Pete, charming, chatty, and always trying to please me.
Thanks for the comment and such warm memories...
Angelo Nannoni Santarcangelo di Romagna - Italia -
I got to a video of Pete Candoli on YouTube by accident and tears came to my eyes
I met Pete on board TSS FAIRSEA where I worked as an apprentice at the bar many years ago ..Pete was a great person and a true "ROMAGNOLO"
His parents were one from San Marino and the other from Cesenatico and he spoke only "Romagnolo" he spoke very little Italian, but the dialect perfectly
I spent hours talking to him about Cappelletti, Piadina, Strozzapreti with the Canocchie and our beloved romagna and especially I remember him for the beautiful gift he make me for my eighteenth birthday ..... great Pete
Christina Miller-Fleming Michigan
I did not know Pete as well as a musician than I did as part of our family. Uncle Pete's kind heart and open arms always made it a special treat when him and Aunt Sheryl would come and visit! You will be loved and missed always Uncle Pete!!
Charline Lamb Prescott, Az
Beautiful and Wonderful Site. A very Welcome Tribute
Thank you
Girish Mumbai, India
Pete was a virtuoso trumpeter with a searing brawny
tone and when he played with a simmering bravura, the listeners jumped with ecstasy; Pete brought immeasurable listening pleasure to his fans [the world
over]as a true and exciting JAZZ MAKER.
giovanni focaccia westville nj
is it true that their parents came from a town called CESENA in italy? i was born 5 miles from that town and i study music there for 9 years.
somebody told me that PETE could speak dilect from the region[EMILIA-ROMAGNA]
2011-01-17 16:09:28 Admin Reply:
Yes, it is true.....Pete and Conte both spoke the dilect from the region. I remember well!!
Sheryl US
It will be three years today that Pete passed, Jan 11, 2008.... He is deeply missed by me and many...
Pete and Conte will live forever through their music...
I thank everyone who has participated in this site, today and always!!!

Sheryl Studio City
Yes, losing Blake Edwards was difficult for all. One of the most talented Director's of all time. Pete and Blake were good friends. Blakes legacy lives on. Thankyou for your comment. Keep coming back.

RIP Blake Edwards July 26, 1922 – December 15, 2010
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