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Gary Weber St. Louis, Missouri
The Candoli brothers were always favorites with me as a trumpeter, and shaped a lot of my jazz feel as I matured through the 50's and 60's. Beyond their immense talent, I was so impressed at them being brothers. I always wondered about their boyhood, and trying to imagine their household and what "Mama Candoli" must've put up with! A blessed gift and precious memory to be treasured.
2014-04-24 02:55:09 Admin Reply:
It was a busy household and Pete being the oldest was responsible for a great deal. His father used to say to him "I don't ever want to know you and your brother had any fights". Pete protected his little brother his whole life and they never had a disagreement. They loved one another..
Carolyn Cline Tampa, Florida
I had the opportunity to perform with Pete and Les Elgart's Orchestra at the Carnation Gardens in Disneyland through my agent Tony Papa with Associated Booking Corporation. Pete is a true gentleman and an unbelievable talent! I wish him well and will cherish those memories.....
2014-02-10 04:25:16 Admin Reply:
Pete passed away Jan 11 2008....This is 2014, did you somehow miss that??
Tom Archard Naples, FL
Big Conte fan from his Ventura days on. Count did it all! His dark, full-bodied sound was not unlike a fine Italian wine, smooth, but with an edge. How about that? Listening to any Conte recorded track is a goose pimple trip for me. Bless him.
Sheryl California
Yes, I have a photo of that band. I will try to come up with it and scan it for you. All the boys look so cute and serious. Please email me your address Barbara. I think this is the time frame you are talking about. It is Candoli, not Condoli by the way. :-))..I hope you have enjoyed the site. Have a Happy 2012 everyone. It has been four years on Jan 11 that my guy passed.
Barbara Dzikowski South Bend
In the late 1930s in South Bend, Indiana, my father, Casimir Dzikowski had a big band called Kay Rhymes that played for area high schools. He used to brag that Pete Condoli was in his orchestra. Would you happen to have any info at all about this brief period in Mr. Condoli's life? (My father passed away in 2001.)
Robin Brace Torquay, UK
You won't know me but I always just loved Pete and Conte and their sensational trumpet playing. Sorry to hear that Conte is no longer around. Back in the 60s'70s I dabbled with modern jazz trumpet, an idiom I love. Thanks for all the great playing, always an inspiration to me.
Sheryl California
Dear friend Uan Rasey passed away yesterday evening. Uan was a great trumpet master, a beautiful person, and a dear friend of Pete's from the Indiana days. I will miss our talks since Pete died. He and his wife were wonderful to me. She died right after Pete. Uan had great courage and wisdom.

Giovanni Arcotta Denver Co
Man what a drag just barely getting over Conti's death. It is sad to hear Pete has also passed. Two great guys and in the pocket players. I played drums with both Pete and Conti several times. Many times at the EL CHAPULTEPEC in Denver Co. I remember the night my wife cooked up a great Sicilian dish dinner Clam Sauce and Linguini and we all ate up a storm at Conti's Hotel when we played together in Denver Co. I miss both of these brothers very much. The world of jazz is losing all of the greats. Sure there is the Artist everyone else is just the Copyist. Sadly missed
Giovanni Arcotta
Gerry Santiago Hollywood,Fl.
I first heard th Condoli Bros. when I started to work in a record store at the age of fourteen. I became a big fan of the Peter Gunn show and Mancini's music. I bought all the records and became enthusiatic about the West Coast Jazz. I started playing drums and listened to a lot of Shelly and the Condoli Bros. Also, a big fan of Kamuca and Perkins. I watched the Tonight Show since Steve Allen was host, and later dug Doc's band with all the great players, in particular, again, the Condoli Bros. Through the years I found I could always count on them to deliver great jazz. I'm grateful that this site exists; I ran across it by looking up a song by Shelly and his Men. Thank you again to The Condolis for great music and for their great love of jazz. GS.
2011-07-13 03:41:47 Admin Reply:
Sheryl Studio City
I have put up around 23 videos of Pete, Conte, Mancini, and all of the wonderful musicians of that era. Pete only lived to see the one I did of Al Hirt Show. He was so in awe of the tecnology we have on the net today. I was so busy with him, that I was unable to find the time to get the rest up for him to see. I thank all the fans that sent me films that I edited and put on You Tube. When you go to You Tube please type in Pete Candoli and most of them will come up. For Pete.........miss you....
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